October 13, 2012

Training schedule for November 2012

Oppama Junior High School, Oppama, Yokosuka

on Saturdays
November 7 (Wed.), 17, 24

Tachiuchi no kurai 
on Wednesday
November 21

15 min walk from Oppama station, Keikyu line

Nakada Junior High School, Totsuka, Yokohama

on Sundays
November 4, 18, 25

5 min walk from Tateba station, Yokohama Subway

If you would like to join, visit our training or you have any questions please contact Takada Rumi by phone TEL & FAX 045-783-2298 (in Japanese).

If you prefer email mail to takada_dojo(at)hotmail.com (in English/Japanese) or leave a comment here, thank you for your cooperation.

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