October 3, 2009

Training schedule for November 2009

Oppama Junior High School, Oppama, Yokosuka

on Saturdays
November 14, 21, 28
15 min walk from Oppama station, Keikyu line

Nakada Junior High School, Totsuka, Yokohama

usually on Sundays
November 1, 15, 23 (Mon), 29
5 min walk from Tateba station, Yokohama Subway

These training times are available for all grades.

If you would like to join, visit our training or you have any questions please contact Takada Rumi by phone TEL & FAX 045-783-2298 (in Japanese).

If you prefer email mail to takada_dojo(at)hotmail.com (in English/Japanese) or leave a comment here, thank you for your cooperation.